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Freeware Tools for Networks:

Diskfree32 - for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. This tool watches local and network drives for: name, type, total capacity, free capacity, used space, volume name, maximum allowed length of filenames and serial numbers.
Multilingual (english, german), free definable alarms, graphic evaluation (bargraphs), logfile protocolling, ...
Of course, Diskfree32 can be used without a network.
                   Size DFREE32.ZIP: 1,3 MB



Diskfree - for DOS/Win3x (Win95/98/NT). English version. Size DFREEENG.ZIP: 127 KB


Diskfree - for DOS/Win3x (Win95/98/NT). German version. Size DFREEDEU.ZIP: 127 KB

Other freeware tools:

MP3P - for Win95/98. Joe´s MP3-Player. Beta version. Needs Windows Media Player version or higher.
              Size MP3P.ZIP: 83 KB

MIDPLAY- for Win95/98/NT. Joe´s MIDI-Player. Beta version.
                    Size MIDPLAY.ZIP: 89 KB

DDir - for DOS/Win3x (Win95/98/NT). dBase directory - shows all dBase/Clipper databases (*.dbf) with
            some more information.
            Size DDIR.ZIP: 73 KB

Browse - for DOS/Win3x (Win95/98/NT). dBase/Clipper browse utility. Allows you to view and edit
                dBase/Clipper databases.
                Size BROWSE.ZIP: 127 KB

STG - for DOS/Win3x (Win95/98). Export generator for dBase/Clipper databases. Allows you to view and edit
            dBase/Clipper databases. More features: User levels, password protection, network support,...
            Size STG.ZIP: 293 KB

Memcheck - for DOS/Win3x (Win95/98). DOS Utility. Checks the available amount of DOS memory (640K) and
                    allows reaction due to reaching a certain free definable memory value.
                    Size MEMCHECK.ZIP: 76 KB


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